Monday, February 19, 2007


I've put the pictures I have of Brent in an online web gallery/slideshow. If you have any photos you want to add, or want digital copies of any of the photos I posted, please let me know. Most of the pictures are from the time we just spent together.

I've also put this blog together as a place for comments, pictures, whatever. Please share your thoughts, memories, or prayers, if you feel called. If you would like to post anything or become an author, let me know.

Click here to go to the gallery.

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Anonymous said...


I knew you only slightly though loved you a great deal through your art and through the way you loved Jess. Thank you for your heart, for your love, for your damage, and for your expression of it in the beautiful art that you made. Thank you for the time we spent in Santa Cruz, it was intense, surreal, amazing and exactly as it should have been. I don't smoke anymore, but if you were here, I'd roll us a couple of fatties and we'd go outside the way we did after eating @ the diner. You are missed.

Anonymous said...

It's late and the piece is not where I want it to be. Want to take it out of P-shop and feel it in my hands -- it'll be better then. But you can see the rough sketch here:

Unknown said...

I love you Brent! And miss you so much.. We have gone through so so much together.. good and bad.. but I am thankfull for every minute of it. You have touched my life deeply and you will never be forgotten.

Ocean Robbins said...


Thank you for your incredibly kind, sensitive, and loving spirit. Thank you for loving Jessica. Thank you for the warmth and gentleness that radiated through your life.

I pray that as you make your journey, you carry with you all of the love that you ever knew in this life, and leave the rest behind. I pray that you are free now of all that no longer serves you, and that you are able to move into the next phase of your soul's journey with love and wisdom.

Blessings on your journey. You go forward with the love of all who have ever been blessed to love you. And those of us who have been touched by your spirit, will carry your kind and gentle goodness forward, in our hearts, for as long as we are here on Earth.


Unknown said...


This past year, speaking with you on the phone when you called, hearing Jessica and you talk, talking with Jessica about you - all of this forged a connection between us - opened my heart to you. It was not just a turn of phrase when I greeted you with "Hey brother" when you called. I felt you as a brother, I felt your struggles, and I sent you my love and support as much as I could.

This past Saturday Jessica and I were on the beach in Miami doing a ritual during Brent's funeral time. This song came into my head very strongly - "There is so much magnificence in the Ocean - and the waves are rolling in - and the waves are rolling in." At the end of the ritual, we threw all the things we had gathered for the ritual into the ocean. I had only one piece and threw it in last - shouting - "Brent - join the magnificence of the ocean." As soon as I threw this last piece in, a gull swooped down and plucked it from the ocean soaring in the wind with it, and eventually dropping it back onto the beach near us. That piece is on our altar now, and I feel so strongly Brent that you are joined with that ocean of magnificence, that you are soaring in the wind.

I send you all my love Brent. May light shine on you and guide you to healing, contentnment, and love.